Salt Creek 24: A New Endurance Event Takes the Olympic Peninsula by Storm

Peninsula Adventure Sports introduces Salt Creek 24, a 24-hour race and Last Runner Standing event, challenging participants to circle the Salt Creek Recreation Area on foot.

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping endurance event like no other. Peninsula Adventure Sports is set to debut Salt Creek 24, a grueling 24-hour race that will push runners and walkers to their limits. Taking place at the picturesque Salt Creek Recreation Area near Port Angeles, this event offers participants the opportunity to test their endurance, all while raising funds for a variety of charitable causes. With a Last Runner Standing event also in the mix, this promises to be an unforgettable weekend of physical and mental fortitude.

Salt Creek 24: A Test of Endurance

The Salt Creek 24 event challenges participants to complete as many laps as possible on a 1.34-mile route within a 24-hour timeframe. Athletes can choose to tackle this monumental task as solo runners or as part of a relay team consisting of two to twelve people. The scenic Salt Creek Recreation Area, located west of Port Angeles, provides the perfect backdrop for this ultimate endurance challenge.

Last Runner Standing: A Battle of Willpower

For those seeking an additional test of endurance, the Last Runner Standing event offers a thrilling opportunity to conquer nearby Striped Peak. Participants will navigate a 3.7-mile out-and-back course, climbing approximately 1,000 feet with one lap completed each hour. The last runner standing, determined by their ability to continue running after others have dropped out, will emerge as the ultimate victor. The Last Runner Standing event promises to push participants to their physical and mental limits, resulting in an exhilarating and nail-biting competition.

Charitable Partnerships: Making a Difference

Salt Creek 24 is not only a test of physical endurance but also an opportunity to make a positive impact. Several racers have chosen to raise funds for their favorite charities, including the North Olympic Land Trust, 4 PA, Ainsley’s Angeles Westsound Chapter, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and Girls on the Run Westsound. With $4,000 already raised, participants can opt to become fundraisers during the registration process. This “relay-for-life” style allows individuals or relay teams to collect pledges per lap or summit, supporting their chosen charity.

The Countdown Begins: Participants and Goals

With the event just around the corner, excitement is building among the 118 individuals who have already signed up. Of these participants, 68 brave souls have committed to taking on the 24-hour race solo, with six of them using the event as an opportunity to raise funds for charity. Ten runners have set their sights on covering an impressive 100 miles, equivalent to approximately 75 laps. Additionally, 43 participants have joined relay teams, with 10 of them embracing the challenge of fundraising.


Salt Creek 24 is set to make its mark as an unforgettable endurance event on the Olympic Peninsula. With participants pushing their physical and mental boundaries, while also raising funds for worthy causes, this event embodies the spirit of adventure and community. As the countdown begins, athletes and spectators alike eagerly anticipate the start of this epic challenge. Salt Creek 24 is not just a race; it is an opportunity for personal growth, camaraderie, and making a positive impact on the world.