Liberty Mutual Foundation Awards Rebuilding Together Boston $75,000 to Rebuild Dorchester and Mattapan Homes, Revitalize Communities

Grant funding to serve Seniors, Young Adults, those in need

Rebuilding Together Boston, a local nonprofit organization, has received a generous grant of $75,000 from the Liberty Mutual Foundation. The funding will be used to serve homeowners and nonprofit community centers in Dorchester and Mattapan, two neighborhoods in Boston. This grant will enable Rebuilding Together Boston to continue its mission of revitalizing homes and community spaces, ensuring safety and stability for those in need. The Liberty Mutual Foundation’s support aligns with the organization’s focus on housing stability, youth development, and workforce programs.

Revitalizing Communities and Homes

To date, Rebuilding Together Boston has used the grant funding to revitalize the Gallivan Community Center and three homes in Mattapan, Massachusetts. These projects have had a significant impact on the community, providing safe and operational spaces for residents and organizations. With the additional funding, Rebuilding Together Boston plans to expand its efforts in Dorchester, repairing the home of a young adult with learning issues to enable independent living under the care of their mother. The organization will also focus on repairing other homes and revitalizing community spaces.

A Unique Challenge and Support for Homeowners

One of the homeowners in Dorchester facing unique challenges is a woman of Honduran descent who moved to the United States as a child and put herself through college. She adopted her son, who has delayed developmental disabilities due to prenatal substance exposure. As her son prepares to enter the workforce as an adult, he will require lifelong care and will be unable to live independently. Rebuilding Together Boston aims to renovate their semi-finished basement into a room for the son, providing a safe and comfortable living space. Additionally, the organization plans to upgrade a community garden on the same street, enhancing the neighborhood’s overall quality of life.

Addressing Housing Stability and Community Needs

Rebuilding Together Boston focuses on serving veterans, older adults, families, and disaster survivors by providing essential home repairs. These repairs include flooring repairs and replacement, weatherization repairs, roof and handrail replacements, accessibility modifications, painting, landscaping, and major home rehabilitations. The organization offers these services free of charge to neighbors in need, who often face financial constraints and must prioritize daily necessities over critical home repairs. By collaborating with skilled workers, tradespeople, volunteers, and other community members, Rebuilding Together Boston aims to preserve affordable housing, stabilize neighborhoods, and reduce housing instability and the risk of homelessness.

Serving a Diverse Community

Rebuilding Together Boston is committed to serving a diverse community, with 95% of the people they assist being Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Prospective clients must complete an application and provide supporting documentation, including proof of homeownership and income. Rebuilding Together Boston has completed over 600 renovation projects in the past 30 years, with an estimated total value of over $8 million. The organization’s services are vital for individuals and families who may not have the financial means to address critical home repairs themselves.


The grant funding from the Liberty Mutual Foundation is a significant boost for Rebuilding Together Boston’s efforts to rebuild homes and revitalize communities in Dorchester and Mattapan. Through their dedication to housing stability, youth development, and community support, Rebuilding Together Boston continues to make a positive impact on the lives of seniors, young adults, and those in need. The collaboration between the Liberty Mutual Foundation and Rebuilding Together Boston exemplifies the power of partnerships in creating safer and more stable communities for all.