Joshua Dobbs: The Aerospace Engineer Making Waves in the NFL

From studying aerospace engineering to leading game-winning drives, Joshua Dobbs is defying expectations and proving that he can excel both on and off the field.

Joshua Dobbs, a journeyman quarterback in the NFL, has had a remarkable journey over the past year. With a degree in aerospace engineering, Dobbs has managed to balance his passion for football with his love for aviation and space. Despite being told that studying such a demanding major would be difficult for a starting quarterback, Dobbs excelled academically while setting records on the football field. Now, after years of being a backup and playing for multiple teams, Dobbs has finally found his moment to shine.

The Pursuit of Knowledge and Excellence

Dobbs’ fascination with aviation and space began at a young age, and when he enrolled at the University of Tennessee, he chose to study aerospace engineering. Despite the demanding nature of his major, Dobbs managed to maintain a perfect 4.0 GPA while also making a name for himself on the football team. He even found time for an internship with an aerospace manufacturer, showcasing his dedication to both his academic and athletic pursuits.

During his time in college, Dobbs also took advantage of opportunities to further explore his passion for aerospace. He participated in an externship program run by the NFL Players Association, working with NASA at the Kennedy Space Center and Glenn Research Center. Dobbs’ deliberate approach to maximizing his time on and off the field allowed him to pursue his interests beyond football and set himself up for success beyond his athletic career.

Life as a Journeyman Quarterback

Dobbs’ journey in the NFL has been far from straightforward. After being selected in the 2017 NFL draft, he spent his first five years in the league as a backup, rarely seeing playing time. However, Dobbs refused to let his studies go to waste. He spent time with the US Air Force, even flying a fighter jet, and continued to explore his passion for aerospace through various opportunities.

In the past year alone, Dobbs has played for five different teams, starting with the Cleveland Browns as a backup. He then joined the Detroit Lions practice squad before finding himself with the Tennessee Titans, where he started two games in the 2022 season. Dobbs’ journey continued when he was re-signed by the Cleveland Browns in March, only to be traded to the Arizona Cardinals a few days after his first training flight. Finally, he landed with the Minnesota Vikings, where he had the opportunity to prove himself as a starting quarterback.

‘The Passtronaut’ Takes Flight

Dobbs’ debut with the Minnesota Vikings was nothing short of spectacular. Despite limited practice time with his new team, he came off the bench in the second quarter and led the Vikings to a last-minute victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Dobbs became the first player in NFL history to combine for three passing and rushing touchdowns in consecutive weeks with different teams.

His performance not only earned him the nickname ‘the Passtronaut’ but also the respect and admiration of his teammates and fans. Dobbs’ ability to quickly adapt to a new team and make an immediate impact showcased his talent and determination. He followed up his debut with another win against the New Orleans Saints, further solidifying his place as the Vikings’ starting quarterback.

The Impact of Dobbs’ Studies

Dobbs believes that his studies in aerospace engineering have helped him excel on the football field. While he acknowledges that he’s not solving engineering equations during games, the process of cramming for engineering tests and processing large amounts of information has prepared him for the challenges he faces as a quarterback. Dobbs’ ability to quickly process information and make split-second decisions has been crucial to his success. See their website for more information.

Former Vikings receiver Jake Reed believes that Dobbs’ success is also a result of his ability to have fun and play without pressure. Dobbs’ love for the game and his willingness to make plays, even if it means using his legs, has brought a new dimension to the Vikings’ offense. Despite facing adversity with injuries to key players, the Vikings have managed to win games and build confidence in Dobbs as their starting quarterback.

Conclusion: Joshua Dobbs’ journey from studying aerospace engineering to leading game-winning drives in the NFL is a testament to his determination, intelligence, and passion for both football and aerospace. Despite being labeled a journeyman quarterback, Dobbs has defied expectations and proven that he can excel both on and off the field. As he continues to make a name for himself with the Minnesota Vikings, Dobbs serves as an inspiration to those who strive to achieve feats beyond what others think is possible.