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Percheron Capital Acquires SafeBasements, Aims for Accelerated Growth in Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing Services

Percheron Capital, a private equity firm specializing in essential services businesses, has recently acquired SafeBasements, a prominent foundation repair and basement waterproofing services company based in Minnesota. This acquisition marks Percheron’s entry into the foundation repair and basement waterproofing services platform, a sector poised for substantial growth due to its non-discretionary nature. To lead this new venture, Percheron has appointed industry veteran Deb Dulsky as the Chief Executive Officer of SafeBasements.

SafeBasements, founded in 1992 by Jesse and Lori Trebil, has gained a reputation for its exceptional service and strong employee culture. The company’s innovative approach includes a vertically integrated operating model, utilizing patented, high-quality products and systems that enhance the effectiveness of its services.

A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

SafeBasements has built a loyal customer base and a team of long-tenured employees across the Midwest. The company’s commitment to delivering outstanding service and its dedication to continuous improvement have contributed to its success. SafeBasements’ unique operating model has set it apart from competitors, allowing for more efficient and effective foundation repair and basement waterproofing solutions.

A Strategic Partnership

Percheron’s acquisition of SafeBasements aligns with the private equity firm’s strategy of partnering with high-quality essential services businesses. By entering the foundation repair and basement waterproofing services industry, Percheron aims to capitalize on the sector’s potential for growth. The partnership with SafeBasements provides a strong foundation for accelerated expansion and market leadership.

Leadership Expertise

Deb Dulsky brings over 20 years of leadership experience to her role as CEO of SafeBasements. Her proven track record in the residential services sector, including her previous role at HomeServe, positions her well to drive the company’s growth and value creation. Dulsky’s focus on employee development and commitment to delivering best-in-class services aligns with SafeBasements’ core values.

Growth Strategy

Under Dulsky’s leadership, SafeBasements plans to establish itself as the premier foundation repair and basement waterproofing services business in the country. The company aims to attract and retain top talent, invest in employee development, and forge partnerships with like-minded operators who share their commitment to excellence. By leveraging Percheron’s expertise and operational capabilities, SafeBasements is well-positioned to enter its next phase of growth.

Percheron’s Essential Services Expertise

Percheron Capital’s extensive experience in the essential services sector, coupled with its deep operational capabilities, will provide valuable support to SafeBasements. The firm’s focus on investing in resilient end markets and its commitment to accelerating growth make it an ideal partner for SafeBasements’ expansion plans. Together, Percheron and SafeBasements aim to create a market-leading foundation repair and basement waterproofing services business.


The acquisition of SafeBasements website by Percheron Capital marks an exciting new chapter for both companies. With Deb Dulsky at the helm, SafeBasements is poised for transformational growth in the foundation repair and basement waterproofing services industry. The partnership between Percheron and SafeBasements combines industry expertise, operational capabilities, and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional service. As SafeBasements expands its footprint and solidifies its position as a market leader, homeowners can expect even higher standards of quality and innovation in foundation repair and basement waterproofing services.