Construction Project on Route 140

Delays and Uncertainty Surround Massive Construction Project in Taunton

A massive construction project along Route 140 in Taunton, Massachusetts, has ground to a halt, leaving residents and commuters frustrated and wondering about the future of the project. The project, which is only 19% complete according to their website, was started by Cardi Corporation in 2020 but was abruptly stopped on October 27. As weeds grow and materials sit idle, the community is left questioning the reasons behind the delay and the lack of progress.

Dumpster Rental & The Scope and Cost of the Project

The construction project, estimated to cost $116 million according to MassDOT records, aims to revamp the Route 24 overpass and reroute highway ramps to accommodate future development plans, including a large casino and a new train station. The price tag reflects the extensive work required to complete the project. However, the community remains concerned about the lack of progress and the impact on taxpayer funds.

Negotiations for a New Contractor

Since Cardi Corporation ceased work on the project, MassDOT has confirmed that it is in negotiations with a new contractor to take over and complete the job. The details of the takeover agreement and the timeline for completion remain uncertain. Residents and commuters eagerly await updates on the progress and hope that a new contractor will be secured expeditiously to ensure the timely completion of the project.

Lack of Accountability and Legal Troubles

Cardi Corporation, the original contractor, is currently facing numerous lawsuits for unpaid fines to various unions, along with interest and fees. Multiple lawsuits have been filed in federal court this year alone, seeking amounts ranging from $100,000 to $460,000 in unpaid fines. The community expresses frustration over the lack of accountability and the apparent disregard for contractual obligations.

Mayor’s Response and City’s Involvement

Taunton Mayor Shaunna O’Connell has addressed the project, emphasizing that it is a state project overseen and directed solely by state departments and agencies. The city works with MassDOT to address any potential issues that may affect the community. Mayor O’Connell expresses hope that the state will swiftly secure a new contractor to complete the remaining work in a timely fashion. The statement highlights the city’s commitment to collaborating with the state to resolve the situation.

Community Concerns and Implications

The indefinite delay of the construction project has sparked concerns among Taunton residents. They are eager to see progress and are increasingly frustrated with the lack of information and accountability. The incomplete site poses safety risks and reflects poorly on the city’s infrastructure. Additionally, the delay hampers future development plans, including the anticipated casino and train station, which could bring economic growth and opportunities to the area.


The frozen construction project along Route 140 in Taunton has left the community in a state of frustration and uncertainty. With only 19% of the project complete and no clear timeline for its resumption, residents and commuters are growing increasingly impatient. The lack of accountability and legal troubles faced by the original contractor, Cardi Corporation, further exacerbate the situation. As negotiations continue for a new contractor to take over the project, the community hopes for swift progress and a resolution that will ensure the timely completion of the much-needed infrastructure improvements.